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Grip, Grommet, and Butt Cap ReplacementFREE*When you purchase a replacement or overgrip, grommets or bumper guard, or butt cap from Sports Express, we will install it for you free of charge!
Butt Cap Repair$3.00Butt caps often become loose and need to be re-glued and stapled. We can remove the butt cap on your racquet and re-install it so that it is securely fastened again, provided that the butt cap is not cracked or broken.
Grip Build-Up & Installation$5.00Grip Build-Ups are used to increase the grip size. They increase the grip size one half or one full grip size. We are happy to install them, but we do caution our customers that this can affect the weight and balance of the racquet.
Grip Pallet and Replacement$20.00Different grip pallets are made for different grip sizes, so grip pallets can be switched out in order to change the grip size. Pallet replacement is only possible with Head and Volkl racquets. Head pallets are no longer available in the United States.
Racquet Customization$30.00Changing the weight, balance, and swingweight of the racquet to your desired specs. Weight and swingweight can be increased, but not decreased, so the desired specs must be greater than the current specs. For a fee of $20, we are more than happy to meet with you on- or off-court to discuss the customizations that you would like to make.
*Additional charges may apply if grip/grommet/butt cap not purchased at Sports Express. Price listed does NOT include price of product.

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