Racquet Trade-In Program - Sports Express Tennis Shop

Trade-In Your Old Racquet for Credit Towards Anything in our Store. We are no longer taking online trade-ins.

We ask that you rate your racquets with our grading chart.

    To find your racquet, please begin to fill out the form below by clicking on the manufacturer of your racquet.
    If you do not find a racquet in this form, we are not currently accepting it.
    Upon completing the Racquet Trade In Form below, you will be provided with our trade-in value.
    This trade-in value is non-negotiable, is for store credit only, and is only valid at the time offered.

Racquet Trade In Form

To add this credit towards your order, simply click the 'Add to Cart' button above and follow the directions on that page.
Note: Purchase amount must be greater than or equal to your trade-in amount. If your trade-in value is more than your purchase value, your order will not be processed and we will notify you by email.

Once your order is received please follow the easy-to-use instructions enclosed with your new items. Note: UPS is our return shipping provider. If you wish to use a different carrier to send in your trade-in, you must do so at your own cost.

  1.   If possible, your racquet(s) can be sent back in the box your order came in. If not, we can provide you with a shipping
  box for a small fee.
  2.  Be sure to package your racquets in a protective manner (in a box, using newspaper, bubble wrap, a racquet cover, or 
  the protective plastic typically seen on new tennis racquets as cushioning), as you are responsible for getting the
  racquet to Sports Express safely.
  3.  Please write 'RTI #' followed by the Order Number  (found on your receipt) and place UPS label on the outside of
  the box.

Trade-in racquets must be received by Sports Express within 10 business days of your receipt of your order (please allow 5-7 days travel time, as it will be shipped UPS Ground). If we do not receive your trade-in by the deadline, Trade-in will be considered invalid, and you will be charged the full trade-in value. If your trade-in is received after the deadline, we will return it to you and charge you for return shipping. Trade-ins will be processed within 3-4 business days of our receipt. If there are any discrepancies, you will be contacted via email or phone.

Only authentic racquets will be accepted for trade-in. There are fake racquets out there, so if you are not sure if yours is a fake (especially if it was purchased from an online auction site), donít hesitate to contact us, preferably with pictures, and we should be able to determine if it is real or fake. Because we are an authorized dealer for all the racquets we sell, we should be able to determine if a racquet is real, especially if we can get the serial number from you. Because we do offer free help in determining the authenticity of your racquet, if we receive a fake racquet from you, you will be charged for the original trade-in value, and all shipping costs.

Once we have received and processed your racquet trade-in, you will receive a final confirmation email stating that we have accepted the racquet at the value you specified.

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