LIKE NEW (A)These racquets look new in appearance and are in near perfect condition. These racquets would be Near mint or 9/10 or 10/10. They have been hit very few times, or not at all, and show very slight to no visible wear. Often times, this is a brand new racquet that has not been hit and shows only tiny cosmetic blemishes due to handling or showroom wear. The entire racquet is extremely clean and has all factory original parts. Racquet should be completely free of any noticeable dings, nicks, or "pop-up" marks with no visible wear anywhere on head, paint, or grip. These racquets are in perfect working condition and are often indistinguishable from brand new.

EXCELLENT (B)These rackets have been gently played but are extremely clean and near new with only slight signs of wear. Should have few, if any, nicks, marks, or scratches on frame and any wear will be faint and mild. Finish on the racquet should still have original luster with virtually no wear except for normal ball impact. Grips should be in playable and like new condition showing no wear.

VERY GOOD (C)Racquets in this category have clearly been played but are very clean with visible wear and moderate signs of use. Will have some nicks or scratches consistent with average use, but should be limited in number and minor in appearance. The frame paint should be adequately sharp with only reasonable signs of use. The racket will show normal wear with no dents, gouges, chips, scratches or cracks. Bumper guard and finish should show no excessive wear or major paint chips. The grip should still be playable and free of excessive wear and tears.

GOOD (D)These racquets have been well played but remain clean, well cared for, and structurally sound. Racquets will clearly show wear and visual blemishes such as nicks, scratches, or other marks consistent with normal usage, but free of defects and playability not affected. Certain racquets may look new, but model is simply five or more years old. The grip should still be playable and free of tears.

UNACCEPTABLE (F)Extensively played racquets that show heavy signs of use, wear, fatigue or age. Racquet heads have clearly visible and numerous paint chips, dents, nicks, cracks, scratches and/or cracks. The bumper guard has extensive damage and frame fibers are explosed. Grips may be torn, slick, highly frayed, or unplayable. SPORTS EXPRESS WILL NOT ACCEPT OR SELL RACQUETS IN THIS CONDITION.